"I guess when I found out I enjoyed speaking to strangers and gained immense satisfaction from achieving the initial phases of the sales process, it seemed a natural progression into forming LeadHunters...."

David Fort


“I have used multiple firms to schedule appointments for my sales team and David’s firm, LeadHunters, has been the best by far.  David has historically produced results in the form of scheduled meetings that stick, that are qualified, and that turn into real sales opportunities and ultimately revenue to the business.  For me, that is the best measurement….the amount of revenue that was generated from the leads that Lead Hunters has delivered.”

“David has generated sales leads for my financial service sales team for several years. He has done a great job primarily because he "gets it." He understands the key components of setting a qualified lead and he uses an effective contact and follow up process to garner appointments that others are not able to secure. As he says...his leads "mean business!" I wholeheartedly recommend David and Leadhunters to anyone searching for a steady supply of qualified, professional sales leads. Handled properly, those leads will convert to great contracts and new revenue for your sales team.” 

"For many years I worked with David in a sales and marketing capacity. His performance to strategize, acquire contacts and appointments is second to none and his leadership role was valued and respected by upper management.
Most importantly, David has an excellent rapport with clients and is the perfect person to pave the way for a new or enhanced business relationship."

"I have worked with David for the past few years. He has provided consistent, high quality leads that have turned into sales which means revenue to my company and money in my pocket. He understands the market place we are in and the key reasons people buy from us. The appointments he set were with the decision maker who was ready to buy. He is a great combination of aggressive hunter and professional sales person all wrapped into one. I highly recommend him for lead generation and will continue to use his services in the future."