"He understands the key components of setting a qualified lead and he uses an effective contact and follow up process to garner appointments that others are not able to secure...."

Satisfied LeadHunter Client


LeadHunters is a client-intimate Lead Generation and Sales & Marketing firm focused on helping companies get more out of their prospecting campaigns and lead development efforts.

"You don't close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise." 

LeadHunters, has over 12 years of experience working for a diverse group of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  Through our experience, we’ve learned and passed along a tremendous amount about successful lead generation campaigns, business practices, sales and marketing tactics, and revenue creation.  We’ve done true cold call lead generation, set qualified appointments, delivered sales presentations, and closed difficult sales engagements.  Through it all, we have had to find real leads and deals for our clients, so we can thrive.  We understand how to bring appointments and revenue to businesses at a low cost, and every company needs that!

At LeadHunters, we look for those unique situations where companies are not satisfied with their own lead generation/revenue-generation results or simply need to increase their bottom line by outsourcing this task at a lower cost.  LeadHunters allows you to have your own lead generator for as long as you need them, at a reasonable cost, and with high levels of accountability.  Our skin is in the game, so we don’t win unless you and your clients win.  We will develop a unique program that fits your unique business needs…no more and no less.  

LeadHunters has also helped Fortune 500 businesses expand their lead generation and sales.  We can be a “hired gun” aimed at your best prospects.  We’ll contact them, qualify the opportunity, and turn it over to your sales team as a hot addition to their sales pipeline.  We can be a temporary boost to your prospecting efforts, or we can be that long-term, talented lead generator that you just don’t have the staffing budget for.  Either way, we’ll know your business well enough to grow your pipeline and sales revenue.